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DEADLINE EXTENSION Monday, October 23rd, 2023

Letter of Recommendation
Short Bio

Creative expression: Design into the future. Gen Z's influence is indestructible, impactful and sets the tone for many brands searching to know how Gen Z thinks and purchases. Gen Z is unique in how they vocalize their interests through social media platforms and gaining traction thus shifting culture. Gen Z cares about following their passions, caring for the environment and demanding justice from high-level leaders. Utilize this power and design to reimagine the future of fashion and footwear. Express how you merge your love for design, fashion and footwear with a future you envision blending all things culture-music, art, fashion, social justices and social media etc. Explore these concepts with a clear narrative of what you want to portray in this new reality/realm. Make it your own world and invite us in, through compelling visuals. Formats of art expression through fashion/footwear illustrations, digital compilation, film, paintings and other medias welcomed. Create NEW work that answers the brief along with a written description of what inspired your renderings. Old work from other projects will not accepted.


Need more space? Upload jpg. & video below:


Email for any questions.

Application received!

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